Two-color cardigan ?!

Two-color cardigan ?!

You may have noticed that our cardigans not only fill celebrities' wardrobes but have long been among the best sellers in our market. However, we constantly want to improve and push our borders. With a new idea of how to move forward, our trend came guru @kristopko. What would you say about the two-color cardigans in our offer?

At TheG you will find the most diverse range of design cardigans made from the finest materials, tailor-made for you. Our main goal is satisfaction and loyalty of returning customers. We have been playing with the idea of experimenting a bit more and designing a “two-color” cardigan for a long time. It was worth it?

How to order two-color cardigan? You can order your combined piece by e-mail. Write an e-mail to: requesting a cardigan color, eg. black-white, beige-black, red-black or any combination of colors (white, sand, beige, ocelot blue, mustard, merlot, smaragd green, black, brown-wine, chocolate, gray and deep red,...) Also, be sure to mention who the caridgan is intended for (men / women) and the size of the cardigan. Of course, it is also possible to make a custom cardigan. You can read about tailor made HERE.


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